Questions about our upcoming season?


Please find all our additional information regarding our upcoming Placement Week leading into Season 5! Any questions regarding the following, please feel free to email us at and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Interest sheet 2019-2020

White Rose Cheer Code of Conduct 2019-2020

Placement Week 2019

Holiday Timetable 2019-20

Private Classes


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Senior Program – 10+ Years Old


Our Senior Program has grown and we now offer two teams for the Senior age group. All athletes who are 17+ at the start of the academic year will be placed in our Open team, Omega. Our most advanced athletes over the age of 10 will be placed in our Senior 3 team, Obsession. Neither team has an upper age limit.

OMEGA are our Open Team. All brand new cheerleaders who are older than 17 will be placed into this team. Coach Kelly works with Omega on executing the higher boundaries of Level 1 building, and developing the tumbling skills. The team is primarily made up of ex-university members and some complete beginners! This season they will be competing in the Open Level 1 division at ICC Northerns (Blackpool), ICE Blizzard (Newcastle) and ICC Summer Jam (Blackpool). They train on a Tuesday 7.30-9.00pm.

OBSESSION are our most advanced team in the program, competing at Level 3. Cheerleaders over the age of 10 who can showcase very strong level 3 and higher stunting and tumbling skills will be offered a place on Obsession. Coaches Kelly and Allie work very hard to teach these athletes how to execute the advanced level 3 building skills, how to push the boundaries of Level 3 standing and running tumbling, and begin to learn the basics of the level 4 and 5 skills. Being a great performer is a must, as is a drive for perfect execution. This team is the first White Rose team who are competing at this level. This season they will be competing in the Senior Level 3 division at ICC Northerns (Blackpool), ICC Nationals (Nottingham), and ICC Summer Jam (Blackpool). They train on a Monday 7.00-9.00pm.