Our Season Handbook, 2017-2018


WRC 2017-2018 Season Handbook

We are so proud to announce our plans for our third season here at White Rose Cheer!

Season 3 will boast:

– A brand new Senior 3 cheer team, Obsession.
-TWO opportunities to travel abroad as part of a cheer team – one to the USA and one to Germany.
– At least two cheer teams per age group across the Mini to Senior range.
– Three opportunities per week to tumble.
– The same low prices. Prices have freezed although we have chosen to combine competition fees with training fees to make it easier for parents and directors to track these payments. We are so proud to announce that we are still the cheapest cheer team around!
-Our first time sending teams to the UK’s biggest National competition in Nottingham.
– More growth to our dance program.

We will be holding a parent meeting during our Placement Week where we will go through the info pack with a fine tooth comb. However, as usual, please feel free to ask questions if you still have them once you’ve read the pack through!

We are SO excited for next season already!!


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